MoneyPlus Energy – Front Line / Essential Worker Free Energy Prize Draw

MoneyPlus Energy – ‘Front Line / Essential Worker’ Prize Draw - Terms & Conditions.



  • 1 This ‘Front Line/Essential Worker Free Energy Prize Draw’ is offered by MoneyPlus Energy Limited.
  • 2 No purchase is necessary to enter the Prize Draw, but the Winner will need to switch to MoneyPlus Energy to claim the Prize if they are not an existing MoneyPlus Energy customer.
  • 3 Entrants must have a credit energy meter. Those with a pre-pay meter will not be able to claim the prize.
  • 4 To be eligible for the Prize Draw, entrants must be a UK resident and a current front line or essential worker. This includes: all NHS and social care staff, including hospital, community and primary care, police, fire and rescue services, local authority staff, teachers, supermarket workers, delivery persons, utility workers and those working as transport workers in rail, freight, bus and air transportation.
  • 5 To enter the Prize Draw, the entrant must be nominated by ‘liking’ the MoneyPlus Facebook page, then sharing MoneyPlus’ promotional post(s) on Facebook, and tagging the entrant in the shared post prior to the Closing Date. This ‘tagging’ must link to the entrant’s Facebook profile.
  • 6 MoneyPlus Energy’s promotional post must be shared with a ‘public’ setting on Facebook in order for MoneyPlus Energy to be able to identify entry.
  • 7 For each public post they are tagged in, the entrant will receive one entry into the Prize Draw.
  • 8 Entrants can nominate themselves for a maximum of one entry in each qualifying period.
  • 9 By entering the Prize Draw, entrants confirm their agreement to these Terms.
  • 10 Any entry which is found to disparage, defame or otherwise negatively reference MoneyPlus Energy will be rejected.
  • 11 Entries made during the month that the draw will take place, will be part of that month’s draw (e.g if a nomination is made on 31st May 2020, that nomination will be entered in May’s draw, and so on).
  • 12 If any individual tagged in a shared promotional post does not wish to be entered into the Prize Draw, they can contact MoneyPlus Energy at to be removed from the Prize Draw and block further entries.
  • 13 Employees of any MoneyPlus group company, their immediate families or anyone professionally linked to the Prize Draw are not eligible to enter.


The Prize

  • 14 The Prize consists of MoneyPlus Energy crediting the Winner’s MoneyPlus Energy electricity or combined electricity/gas account with sufficient monies to pay for their supply for twelve months of usage or up to the value of £1,400 (inclusive of VAT), whichever is lower.
  • 15 Prize Example: If a customer has usage of £100 per month or less, they will receive twelve months of usage without charge. If a customer has usage of £116.67 or more, they will receive free usage up to the value of £1,400 (inclusive of VAT) with all further usage paid by the customer in accordance with their supply agreement.
  • 16 The prize will take effect once the winner is on supply with MoneyPlus Energy – all energy bills the winner receives from this point will be zeroed until the end of twelve month period or until the full value of £1,400 has been used.
  • 17 If the Winner is not a MoneyPlus Energy customer at the time of their win, they will need to complete a switch to MoneyPlus Energy to claim the Prize. If the Winner does not wish to switch to MoneyPlus Energy, the Prize will transfer to an alternative Winner.
  • 18 A total of seven prizes are available, and each prize must be given to a different winner each draw (i.e one person cannot win multiple draws).
  • 19 The continued use of the Prize is dependent on the Winner remaining a MoneyPlus Energy customer for the duration of the Prize. If the Winner is unable to switch to MoneyPlus Energy, or if they choose to switch to an alternative provider during the twelve months, MoneyPlus Energy is entitled to cease any remaining ‘free period’ of supply.
  • 20 The Prize is non-transferable, cannot be substituted, cannot be paid to an alternative energy supplier and there is no cash alternative.


The Winner

  • 21 The Prize Draw period commences on 10 June 2020 (the “Opening Date”).
  • 22 The Prize Draw period will close at 23:59 GMT on 31st December 2020 (the “Closing Date”).
  • 23 The Prize Draw is split into monthly qualifying periods for entries. Each qualifying period will begin at 00:00 on the first calendar day of the month, and will run until 23:59 on the last calendar day of the month.
  • 24 The Prize Draw winners will be drawn at random by computer within five working days of each qualifying period ending, and will be independently verified to ensure they are a valid winner (e.g. a UK resident).
  • 25 MoneyPlus Energy reserve the right to request evidence of employment from the Winner in order to award the Prize. Failure to provide this evidence within 10 calendar days may result in the Prize being withdrawn.
  • 26 The Winner of each Prize Draw will be notified in the first instance by Facebook direct message, and has 14 calendar days to acknowledge the Prize.
  • 27 If no contact is made after 14 calendar days or if the Winner does not wish to switch to MoneyPlus Energy to claim the Prize, the Prize will transfer to the next randomly chosen Winner and the original Winner is void.
  • 28 In accordance with our regulatory obligations, the details (name, county) of the Winner will be available to the public upon request to MoneyPlus Energy from 30 days after the Closing Date.
  • 29 MoneyPlus Energy will ask the Winners to participate in marketing promotions related to this Prize Draw. Failure to participate in these promotions will result in the Prize being withdrawn.