Refer-A-Friend Scheme:

Terms & Conditions

Here at MoneyPlus Energy, we understand the value of good service and that’s what we provide. After all – if you’re happy, we’re happy! So why not spread the joy? For every new customer you successfully refer to MoneyPlus Energy, we’ll credit £25.00 to both your bill and theirs. That’s right, £25.00 off your Energy bill each just for introducing someone else to our top notch service!

Interested? Our legal beagles want you to read the Terms & Conditions of our Refer-A-Friend Scheme below but then, refer away!

  • The Refer-A-Friend Scheme promotion is available to current MoneyPlus Energy customers who refer a new applicant in accordance with these terms.
  • To use the Refer-A-Friend Scheme, you must send the invitation web link available through your customer portal. The applicant must use this link to ensure you are both recognised as part of the Scheme. Failure to use these links will mean the bill credit cannot be applied.
  • To qualify for the Refer-A-Friend Scheme, the person you refer must:
    • Make their application using the invitation link you have sent
    • Have the authority to switch the electricity or combined gas and electricity supply of the UK residence being applied for
    • Not previously have been a MoneyPlus Energy customer
    • Agree to switch their electricity or combined gas/electricity supply to MoneyPlus Energy for one or more properties
    • Maintain all expected payments towards their MoneyPlus Energy utilities for at least one month
    • Adhere to MoneyPlus Energy’s general terms and conditions of service (available at Terms & Conditions)
  • If the applicant switches to MoneyPlus Energy and adheres to the terms of service, we will class your referral as successful once the applicant has made their first payment. Within thirty days of this payment clearing with MoneyPlus Energy, the £25.00 bill credit will be applied to each of your accounts.
  • If the applicant fails to qualify for or adhere to the terms of the promotion, no bill credit will be made to either customer. We are unable to provide details of why the applicant’s eligibility failed for data privacy reasons.
  • You must hold an active MoneyPlus Energy supply and your account must be in good standing for the bill credit to be applied.
  • There is no cash alternative to the £25.00 bill credit.
  • Following a successful referral, if you or the applicant fail to keep to the agreed terms of MoneyPlus Energy’s service or switch to an alternative supplier within six months of the bill credit being applied, MoneyPlus Energy reserve the right to reverse the bill credit and charge the £25.00 for immediate payment.
  • MoneyPlus Energy reserve the right to suspend, withdraw or otherwise amend the Refer-A-Friend Scheme promotion at any time. This will not affect your statutory rights.