How we do things differently.

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We believe that energy has become too confusing.

At a time when wholesale cost is going down, energy suppliers are putting their prices up! It is no wonder that customers, you, have lost trust.

Energy can be complicated, but it is our job to worry about that. So we’ve built a Plan that’s simple, transparent and honest. And most importantly, you’ll know where your money is going each month.

Your MoneyPlus Energy bill is made up of two key parts, Your Direct Costs which we pass through to you and Our Costs, which we cover in a flat monthly management fee.

Your direct costs

These are the costs that we get charged to get your energy to your door, and you might be surprised by a few of them.

We won’t make a penny profit on these costs. The price we get charged, is the price we charge you.

  • Your Wholesale Cost.

    The price we pay to purchase your gas and electricity on the wholesale market. This cost will include the administrative costs we have to pay to buy the gas and electricity, plus additional costs that we, and all energy suppliers, are charged for this energy.

  • Your Distribution and Transmission Costs

    We’re charged costs to keep the gas and electricity moving around the country. These costs are a mixture of daily charges and charges for every unit of energy that you use.

  • Your Metering Costs

    Believe it or not, you don’t own the meter on the wall, and neither do we! Your meter is owned by an independent company, and we have to pay them rent for it every month.

    We also need to pay someone to read your meter, maintain it, and make a payment for every meter we supply to support the national roll out of Smart meters.

  • Tax and Environmental Levies

    We all know about tax, but you may not know that Energy Suppliers also pay environmental levies on the electricity that you use.

    These are used to support the countries environmental commitments.

Our costs

These are the costs that we incur in being your energy supplier. These range from the cost of the people we employ to make sure your service is top notch, to IT infrastructure, building costs and marketing. We cover these costs and our profit in a simple, fixed monthly management fee.

What does this mean to you?

If the price we pay for your wholesale energy goes down, then we will pass on the saving. If it goes up, we will pass on that cost too.We believe that this is fair and that being fair is a two way street.

We will always work to get you the best possible price and to prevent your price from changing every day, we’ll buy some of your energy in advance. This also means we can get you the best price through the expensive winter months too.