Adhoc Charges

From time to time we may need to add additional charges to your account. If we do, we’ll let you know why and direct you to this page for more information. We’ll only ever pass on our reasonable costs.

Missed Direct Debit payments £5.00
This covers the cost of any bounced or missed direct debit payment and will be applied for each direct debit failure.
Late payment charges £10.00
This covers our reasonable costs to recover any missed or late payments on non-Direct Debit accounts. If a payment remains unpaid, this charge may be applied more than once.
Collections charges £50.00
This is to cover the costs incurred for ongoing collections activity which may include the transfer of your account to an external collections company.
Warrant charges
These charges are applicable where legal enforcement activity is required. Costs can vary but will not exceed £150 per incident.
Metering charges
Additional charges may be added for work undertaken to your metering system at your request. These costs will always be notified in advance.