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MoneyPlus Energy is part of the MoneyPlus group of companies and we've been helping customers live better for more than 20 years. We currently support more than 40,000 customers every month by saving them money on credit cards, overdrafts, unsecured loans, telecoms, legal matters and of course, energy too.

We have a diverse and dedicated team who all agree that the most important person in our organisation is you, our customers. If we don’t treat you fairly and with respect then you will vote with your feet and go elsewhere. Quite right too.

That’s why we do things differently. Whatever the service, we won’t offer a multitude of ‘tariffs’ just to confuse people, we cover our costs in one simple, transparent fee.

Our foundations in the financial sector have taught us a thing or two so you can be confident that the money you pay is safe. We use a bonded client account which means your money is always protected. As far as we know, no other energy company does this.

Yes we're an energy company, but one that you can trust. Finally.

Just take a look at what some of our customers have to say about us:

“Best Company in 20 years that I’ve dealt with. Definitely will be recommended“

“Excellent savings, easy to use portal and answer phones quickly”

“When my contract finished with British Gas, I found dealing with MoneyPlus Energy so simple and easy. And saved over £900.”

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Passionate about saving money

We keep our costs low to keep your prices low.

At a time when wholesale costs were going down, energy suppliers were putting their prices up! It is no wonder that the trust has gone. That’s why we started, we’re all about being honest.

Energy can be complicated, but it is our job to worry about that. So we've built a plan that's simple, transparent and fair. Yes you’ll save money, but you'll also know where your money is going each month.

Your MoneyPlus Energy bill is made up of two key parts, your Direct Costs which we pass through to you and our costs, which we cover in a flat monthly management fee.

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